The book of Dimitrije Vujadinovic Bread in the Great War aims to show the importance of bread as food, but also to illustrate the wonder of bread as a living treasure of collective memory and testimony about the ethical and symbolic values and falls of humans in the most difficult existential conditions, such as the war.  Tough the importance of soldiers in trenches and on the frontlines is beyond dispute, the Great War wasn’t won on the front. An US President W. Wilson was quoted saying after the war that “it was a victory thanks to wheat.” The book does not show the Great War neither in the context of military nor war fronts, battles, countries at war. It rather focuses on common topics that show equal suffering and cruelty endured by people of all countries at war. The book shows that in any war both its winners and losers are in fact all defeated. In that sense, the book aimed to send an important anti–war message.

The Bread in the Great War (format 28 x 22 cm, 200 pages, hardcover with 180 documentary photographs and illustrations). Is published by “Prometheus” (Novi Sad) and Radio Television of Serbia (Belgrade).