The overarching theme of all Gender Summit events is “Quality Research and Innovation through Equality” but the London event is mindful of the consequences that Brexit will have for research communities and cultures in UK and Europe. Therefore the theme of GS15 is “United in Science and through Science”. Speakers at GS15 will present research evidence on when and how gender issues matter for science knowledge making and for quality of outcomes, including:

  • Why sex matters for human and non-human species, e.g. in personalised medicine, in lab-on-a-chip technologies, in survival of marine ecosystems when oceans acidify, and in preserving terrestrial biodiversity when temperatures rise due to climate change effects
  • How to improve STEM-related gender statistics, indicators and evidence for more effective gender equality policy design and implementation
  • How to change gender attitudes, cultures and practices in STEM institutions
  • How to benefit from gender equality best practice that has been developed and tested in a variety of EU projects
  • What steps must be taken to create a fair and effective scholarly peer review
  • Whet knowledge is needed to achieve the targets of the UN 2013 Sustainable Development Agenda
  • How the Gender Equality Plans and tools developed by physicists for physicists can help others transform organisational cultures in STEM.

The organisation of GS15 is led by the Science and Engineering South Consortium, a group of outstanding universities in London and in the South of the United Kingdom, and the event is hosted by King’s College London in their beautiful Bush House venue in Aldwych, close to many theatres, art galleries, museums and historic landmarks.

Read more at: https://www.gender-summit.com/gs15-eu-2018/gs15-registration-abstracts